TANCOR Residential Suites is one of the most prestigious residential suites in the heart of Metro Cebu. We are known for our warmth and strong commitment on customer service. We take great pride with our clean and high quality accommodation.

The touch of elegance in every room is personally designed with pieces of furniture that will give you style and comfort. Amenities that are designed to promote health and allows you to unwind after a hard day at work.

TANCOR is located in a serene environment which allows you to have the relaxation you deserve. It is 10-15 minute drive away from the mall and 30 minute drive from the airport. Convenience at your doorstep.

In an effort to serve you well, we now have 5 furnished apartelles ready to serve you with excellence. Our staff are eager to meet and serve you. We envision to expand further and venture out in commercial leasing and hotel nationally and globally.

We give you the best every single day because every day is a new day where wonderful things happen. Experience the comfort of fine living, serene atmosphere with a touch of elegance; a home away from your home. Relax and feel the difference. So come and visit us!